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Water Babies

Water Babies is the industry leading swimming programme for babies aged 0-4 years old.

Helping your baby learn to swim is an amazing experience that encourages bonding between parent and baby, develops their strength, co-ordination, physical and mental health, and perhaps most crucially teaches water safety that could save their life.

Why choose Water Babies?

You'll want to know your little ones are in the best hands, and we strongly believe that Water Babies offers the most professional, expert and knowledgeable team to help your baby learn to swim. 


1. No one is more qualified. Water Babies teachers are the only baby swimming teachers who can obtain a national diploma in the subject. What's more, they're trained to tune in very carefully to the needs of you and your baby, and experts at helping your child to progress at their own rate.

2. Water Babies are committed to the Baby and Toddler Swimming Teaching Safety Guidelines: the first ever national guidelines for the safety of babies and toddlers during swimming lessons.

3. Water Babies teach you to teach your baby to swim: so we'll always explain why we're doing everything as well as carefully demonstrate exactly what to do.

4. Lessons progress in line with key phases in child development, allowing little ones to build upon the simple skills they'll learn very early on as they develop physically, intellectually and socially. It's fair to say there's a lot of

5. Water Babies is endorsed by England's national governing body for swimming, the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

Where are the lessons?

We currently offer lessons at all Total Fitness clubs, you don't need to be a member of Total Fitness to take part and you can book your child's place through the Water Babies website.