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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Joining Up

    Q:  How do I join?

    A:  You can join the Total Fitness family on our website or in your local club.  We would always recommend you to come along to the club though, as it gives you the opportunity to have a guided tour of our facilities and ask any questions you might have.

    Q:  Can I use other Total Fitness clubs?

    A: Yes of course.  We encourage all our members to gain the most from their memberships, so why not visit a different club if you are in the area. 

    There is just one thing to note, your membership fee will be based on the club you use most frequently even if it isn’t your closest or the one where you joined.

    Q:  What types of subscriptions do you offer?

    A: Whether you join by yourself or join as a family we have Total Fitness memberships to suit every age group.  Please visit the ‘joining’ section of the website or visit your local club.  We also offer corporate memberships. For further details on this please speak to a member of the team in your local club.   

    Please note that any discounted memberships will require you to provide proof of eligibility upon joining.

    Q:  Do you offer free parking?

    A:  Absolutely!  We know how important it is to members to have access to free parking, however some of our clubs have time limit restrictions so please double check these on your first visit, there maybe a requirement to enter your car registration at one of the in club terminals We have generous car parks at all of our clubs with both disabled and parent and child spaces located conveniently close to the entrance.

    Q:  How will I access the club?

    A:  When you become a member in the club we will issue you with a membership card to gain access to all the facilities.  If you join online we will issue you with a card on your first visit.

    Q:  What support will I get when I join the club?

    A: We offer and highly recommend that all new members book a space on our fantastic 'Warm up' sessions run by qualified members of our fitness team.  The program provides guidance on how to use all of the equipment and advice on any specific areas you may be interested in.

    Q:  Do the Total Fitness clubs provide facilities for disabled users?

    A: Here at Total Fitness we believe that health and wellbeing facilities should be accessible by everyone.  We provide disabled facilities at all of clubs but club layout does vary by site.  In order for us to provide you with the best possible advice and support please call your local club or come along for a chat and tour.

    Q:  Are all group exercise classes included in my membership fee?

    A:  The vast majority of our group exercises classes are included within the membership fee.  There are a small number of classes such as swimming lessons which incur an additional cost and these are clearly marked with a ‘£’ on the club timetable. 

    Q:  What are the payment options for membership?

    A:  We offer two options for paying your membership. You can choose to pay for your membership upfront as a one off fee and we offer a one month’s equivalent discount for customers choosing this option.  The second option is a monthly payment by Direct Debit which we will set up with you when you join.

    Q:  What day of the month would the direct debit come out of my account?

    A:  We collect all of our membership payments on or around the 1st of each month.

  • My First Visit

    Q:  Do I have to attend a Warm up session?

    A:  We recommend that all new members attend a session as the feedback we have received from new members is incredibly positive about the support it gave them in kick starting their fitness journey.  That said, if you don’t feel that you would benefit from attending then it isn’t mandatory.

    Q:  Do you have personal trainers and how much would a personal training session cost?

    A:  Yes, at Total Fitness we are partnered with Pro-Fit PT who provide tailored onsite personal training support.  If you are interested in this service then please pop along to see the team and they will be happy to provide you with all of the details and costs.

    Q:  Do you have Wi-Fi access?

    A:  Yes, you will be able to connect to free guest Wi-Fi at all of our clubs.

    Q:  What should I wear?

    A:  We would recommend that you wear anything comfortable and appropriate that you feel comfortable to exercise in.  If you are still unsure please feel free to speak to the club fitness team who will be more than happy to provide you with advice.

    Q:  Are there any specific requirements for using the club facilities that I need to know about?

    A: That is a good question and yes we do have a few things we need to make you aware of.

    Lockers – lockers are provided for the safe storage of your belongings and are secured with a padlock. Padlocks should be removed after use 

    Sweat Towels - when using the gym facilities we ask that out of respect for other members you bring along a sweat towel to wipe down the equipment when you have finished using it.  Don’t worry if you forget though, we have hygiene stations in all gyms where you can use the paper towels provided.

    Should you need to purchase a swimming cap, padlock or sweat towel we have them on sale at reception, along with a wide range of other sporting accessories and nutrition products.

  • Ongoing Membership

    Q:  What are the club opening hours?

    A:  All of our club specific information can be found on the ‘Your Club’ section of our website

    Q: Do I need to book to use the squash courts?

    A:  Log into your members area where you can book to use the squash courts.

    Q:  Can I eat my own food in the café area?

    A:  Here at Total Fitness we work hard to offer all our members access to healthy and affordable food and beverages.  As we operate both in-house and franchised cafeterias we kindly ask that you do not consume your own products whilst in the café areas.

    Q:  Can I bring my own drink to the gym?

    A:  We welcome all members to bring their own drinks whilst working out but don’t worry if you forget as we have a number of water fountains at each site.

    Q:  Can I leave my belongings in the locker over night?

    A:  We have a large number of lockers in our changing rooms but we do ask that members remove their belongings before the end of each day to allow other members to use them.  Where lockers are padlocked at the end of a day we reserve the right to remove the lock and securely store the belongings.  Please note we will store any belongings for 5 weeks and if at this point they have not been claimed we will arrange to dispose of them.

    Q:  Can I bring along a friend or family member?

    A: Most definitely!  Here at Total Fitness we believe the more the merrier! 

    You can request a free guest pass on our website and then just give us 24 hours’ notice that your friend or family member will be joining you.  Another option would be to pay for a day pass at reception.  The reception team will be more than happy to help with providing you with the details and cost.

    Q:   Do you offer swimming lessons?

    A: We offer a range of swimming classes/courses through our partners Water Babies for 0-3 and Becky Adlington’s SwimStars for 3-11 years

    Q:    Are there any child age restrictions in the club?

    A.  In each of our clubs you will find a child height chart in the family gym outlining our height and age requirements for using the equipment. We require all under 15s to be supervised at all times, and therefore have adult equipment located in the family gym for your convenience. Please refer to the junior rules for more detail on age restrictions

    Q:  What are your child access times?

    A: Children are not allowed into the club before 8am and after 8pm, children are not allowed on poolside between the hours of 12:30pm-1:30pm.

    Q:   What is the temperature and length of the training pool?

    A:  The training pool is temperature is 28-30C.  It is 25m long and 1.2m deep.

    Q:   What is the distance of the running track?

    A:  In our clubs that have running tracks the distance is 200m

  • Leaving Us

    Q:  How do I cancel my membership?

    A:We hope that all our members are happy with the facilities and service we provide at Total Fitness but equally we understand that circumstances may change.

     If you are looking to cancel your membership you can do, so in club or in writing using the address or email below, giving one calendar months’ notice once your initial contract term has been completed.

     A calendar month means from the 1st to last day of that month.  For example, if notice is received 15th June then your full calendar month will be July and membership would be cancelled on 31st July. 



    Member Service Team

    Total Fitness

    Wilmslow Way



    SK9 3PE 

    Q:  Can I take a payment break or freeze my membership?

    A: It is really important to us that we provide members with flexibility, as we understand that personal circumstances can change.   It could be a long holiday, work commitment, study or something as simple as being too busy to make use of the facilities.

     To provide this flexibility members can apply to freeze their membership for a period of between one and three months subject to payment of £5 per month. The remainder of the  contract must be honoured once the freeze period has ended.

     We ask that members who pay by Direct Debit provide notice on or before the 20th of the month prior to the start of the freeze. Membership can be frozen once in a membership year.

    Q:  If I re-join will I pay the same rate as before?

    A: It is always great to hear that past members have made the decision to come back to us.   If you do come back to us you will need to pay the membership fees that are applicable at the time of you re-joining.  This might include a fee for a membership card and joining fee or admin fee.  The best thing to do is pop along to your local club where one of the team will be happy to talk through all the options.


  • Feedback and Complaints

    Q:  How can I send you feedback?

    A: We hope that all our members want to send us positive feedback as we work hard to get things right.  We do of course openly encourage all types of feedback, as it genuinely helps us to improve the facilities and service we provide to all our members. 

    To send us feedback please go to the ‘Feedback’ page on our website.  We will review the most appropriate person to act on the feedback and then let you know the action we have taken.

    In addition to this feature we regularly contact our members to request feedback by email as it is invaluable in supporting us in our endeavours to continually improve everything we do.

    Q:  How do I report a problem with facilities or equipment? 

    A:  Our teams work hard to ensure the smooth running of all our clubs but we accept that from time to time you might identify a problem before we have fixed it.  Please report any problems with facilities or equipment to the reception team who will make sure we act to put things right as soon as possible.

    Q:  How do I make a complaint?

    A:  Here at Total Fitness we are passionate about providing great service and we aim to get it right first time for every member.  We do however accept that from time to time our service may not live up to the high standards that you’ve come to expect from us.

    Our complaints procedure below details how your complaint will be handled and what you can expect from us.

    Q:  Who should I complain to?

    A: If you are not happy with the facilities or service we provide you we would ask that you raise your concerns with the Manager of your club in the first instance. The Manager will take full ownership of your complaint and aim to resolve any concerns to your satisfaction.

    If you are not happy with the response you have received and wish to have your complaint reviewed, our  Member Services Team is available to investigate your complaint further.

    Please email the details of your complaint to detailing your full name, membership number and reason for complaint.

    Q:  What should I expect when I have made a complaint?

    A: Your complaint will  be investigated and If we can resolve the complaint immediately, we will contact you with a  response. If we need to investigate your complaint further, we will keep you informed of the progress until a resolution has been reached and we can issue a final response.

    Q: What if I am not happy with the resolution to my complaint?

    A: You can appeal a final response and this will be reviewed by the relevant Manager who will respond to you within 5 working days. They will advise whether the previous decision has been upheld or over-ruled.

    Q: What we do with complaints data?

    A: We appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your complaint and for giving us the opportunity to rectify any issues that you may have. Your feedback is of the utmost importance and is used to enable us to seek ways to improve the service we provide to our all our members.


  • Total Fitness APP FAQ

    Account Questions


    Q: I set up an account on the app using my Total Fitness membership details and I can’t log in.

    A: Make sure you’re using the email address and PIN number associated to your Total Fitness membership. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, click the forgotten PIN link on the opening screen of the App and this will redirect you to enter your email. You will need to enter the email address that is registered with us otherwise we can’t send a new PIN to you.


    Q: I’m moving and changing home clubs. Will I lose all my fitness activity?

    A: No, you won’t lose your fitness activity. Keep tracking those workouts! Be sure to contact your club or Total Fitness member services via the support section and your home club can be changed. This means you’ll be able to see your new club’s group exercise classes schedule and book a class.


    Q: How do I contact Total Fitness to ask questions about the app, ask about my membership, report a fault at my club or make a suggestion?

    A: Easy! Tap the main menu icon in the top right of the home screen and choose “Support” – from there you can ask billing questions, report damaged equipment via the “Fix IT” option and make suggestions.


    Q: How can I customise my account on the Total Fitness app?

    A: In loads of ways! Add a profile picture (or import one from Facebook), add some detail in the “About Me” section, change your units of measurement, add your height and weight… you can even tell us when your birthday is!


    Class Booking Questions


    Q: How do I book onto a class or cancel a booking?

    A: Tap the “Find a Class” tile and all the available classes at your Total Fitness over the next seven days will be shown. Select the class you want to book, hit “Book Now” to save your space and tap “Add to Calendar” to add a reminder to your device’s calendar. You can also select “Cancel Now” on the same page to cancel your booking.

     Q: I’ve selected a class to book but I only have the option to “Call for Info”. Why is this?

    A: Some of our classes are booked through a third party or are part of a pre-booked course, such as Junior Swim for example. Tap the “Call for Info” button and you’ll be put straight through to your club.

    Q: I’ve selected a class to book but I’m taken to another website when I hit “Book Online”. Why is this?

    A: Some of our classes are provided by a third party supplier or are part of a pre-booked course, such as Becky Adlington Swim Stars or Water Babies for example. Tap the “Book Online” button and you’ll go straight through to the relevant website to find out more and book.

    Q: I can’t book my partner or children onto a class – why is this?

    A: Linked Members, such as partners and children on a family membership, can’t be booked onto a class using the app. They can however be booked on using the Total Fitness website at


    Workout Related Questions


    Q: How do I log a workout?

     You can also use “xCapture”. This allows you to take a picture of the display on cardio equipment and it will log the workout for you.

    • You can also use a number of third party apps and trackers such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal. The full list of these can be found in the "Connected Apps" tile.
    • You can enter a workout manually by selecting the “Workout” tile and “Manual Workout”. This will allow you to pick the type of workout and track the duration, distance, and calories burned.

    Q: How do I edit/delete a workout?

    A:You can edit your workouts in the “Workouts” tab. You can delete workouts from the “Workouts” tab from the home club web portal.

    Q: I don’t workout on cardio equipment but want to track my workouts. How do I do that?

    A: No problem, use the “Manual” entry feature under “Record a Workout” and enter in your workouts by day. You can also link third party tracking apps and devices to your account under the “Connected Apps” tab to automatically track workouts.

    Q: I signed in the cardio equipment before my workout but I don’t see it under my workout history. What do I do?

    A: In the “Record a Workout” tile, select the “Missing Workout” option. Enter your workout stats and give as much information about the cardio equipment as possible. A message will be sent to the Netpulse support team to look into the issue.

     Note: you can only add one “missing” workout per day.

    Q: What is the difference in a “Missing Workout Entry” and a “Manual Workout Entry”?

    A:Using the manual workout feature is great way to enter workouts you wouldn’t otherwise be able to using a xCapture or third party trackers (i.e. weightlifting or playing football).

    The missing workout function is a way to enter a workout that did not make it into your workout tab from a third party tracker or a blurry xCapture photo.

    The rules of many challenges (coming soon to the Total Fitness app) do not allow manual workouts to be counted, whereas missing workouts will be counted toward a challenge, but you can only enter one missing workout per day.

    Q: What if I don’t want my workouts highlighted on the social feed?

    A: Please go to the “Side Menu” and under “Privacy” you can control your settings.


    Third Party Apps + Devices and Account Linking Questions

     Q: Can I link more than one third party app and device?

    A: Yes, you can link multiple devices and they will all track.

    Q: How do I link third party apps?

    A: To link your Third Party Applications:

    • Create a third party account (if you don’t already have one)
    • Sign-in to your account on the App and go to “Connected Apps” and follow the prompts
    • Click "link" for the accounts you wish to link
    • Authorize info sharing


    Q: I don’t see my third party app summary on the “Dashboard” page. Are my accounts linked?

    A: Try these two steps to ensure your account is linked properly:

    • Log out and sign back into your third party app account
    • Log out of the Total Fitness App and sign back in

    Please note: if you are using a third party app/device to record your workouts, there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears in the app.


    Still having problems? Email for assistance.


    Q: Third Party Linking and Workout Duplicates

    A: If two third party apps are linked to each other and linked to your Total Fitness app account you will see duplicate workouts in your workouts tab because both sources will send data to the app.