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Ladies Only Gym

At Total Fitness, we pride ourselves on being the health clubs that promise something for every type of exerciser at every level. That’s why we’ve put a lot more care and thought into our facilities, right down to including a ladies only gym area separate from the main gym. 

We want our members to feel that we are working together with them to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. 

All our ladies gym areas include a full range of cardio equipment, as well as free weights and other gym equipment, so we can offer a full gym experience in a more private location.

Regular exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy body together with a healthy diet. Our members constantly tell us there is something about going to the gym, which keeps them motivated to be fit and maintain a healthy diet. Some of the other feedback we have received is that whilst women like working out, they often feel uncomfortable when surrounded by men. 

Ladies Only Gym

All 17 of our clubs (Altrincham, Aintree - Sefton, Bolton, Chester, Crewe, Huddersfield, Hull, Lincoln, Prenton, Preston, Teesside, Wakefield, Walkden, Whitefield, Wigan, Wilmslow & Wrexham) offer a private ladies only facility with a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance equipment, plus there’s plenty of space to stretch out and do your own thing with the free weights. 

So whether you want some time to yourself away from the buzz of the main gym floor or just prefer to workout in private, our ladies only area has you covered. 

A Comforting Environment

For new members a gym can be a daunting place. A women only gym offers privacy to some women who prefer to exercise without worrying or feeling self conscious. Also, it's a great place to focus on achieving your health goals and most importantly, be conscious free.

Ladies Gym

For some women, due to cultural reasons, they are not allowed to train where men are present. We encourage them to come and visit our women's only gym and see for themselves what a relaxing environment awaits them.

Our female only gym comes with the added benefit that during peak times, it's less busy. 

Be Social

Being a member of Total Fitness is joining a community of like minded individuals, who have the same goals and objectives as you.

Women Only Gym

We believe that a support system is pivotal to a person’s motivation to workout and stay healthy. As well as partnering with ProFit who can provide you with one to one personal training, there is also the option to join one of our classes.

Each gym typically has over 70 classes per week so as well as getting fit it's the perfect opportunity to meet new friends. 

Attending specific classes such as Yoga and Pilates in addition to working out solo can be a great way to train with other ladies as well as stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

Family Friendly

As well as individual and joint memberships Total Fitness offers Family Memberships. Up to three children can be added to a joint membership allowing for all five of you to visit the gym at the same time. There are child only classes and family classes which means you can work together as a family or you can do your own thing whilst the kids do theirs.

Total Fitness looks forward to welcoming you at our facilities. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.