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Egg-cellent advice for over Easter

Egg-cellent advice for over Easter

I’ve just got back from my holiday with the family and kids… we all had a whale of a time.

Needless to say, I (well, all 4 of us actually) was NOT 100% on it when it came to food and drink. I probably had a ‘drink’ on most days, ate a few bits that I wouldn’t normally eat and just relaxed without feeling guilty.

Is that ok? Yes! 

Did I go overboard? No!

Did those few bits make much difference to the old waist line? Not much.

Why is this relevant for the Easter weekend?

Well, it’s all about your habits through the majority of the other 361 days in the year. 

If you have regular, consistent good habits that you live for most of the time, the odd ‘blip’ and the odd holiday/bank holiday weekend isn’t going to derail you from your goals too much.

Now that doesn’t mean stuffing your face at an all-inclusive, just because you can (I saw quite a lot of people doing that on holidays and they did have the body shape to prove it) it means enjoying yourself and using your lifestyle habits, your goals and how you want to feel as a guide to your decision making.

Plus, there is no reason why you can’t train or be active over Easter

Now before the relaxation police jump on their high horse, I’m not talking about smashing yourself every day. Bank holidays are for relaxing and chilling out with your nearest and dearest, but you’ll find there’s usually a lot more time to squeeze in a quick half hour session or go for a walk with the family when you’re off work.

The point is, this can and should all be part of a balanced lifestyle that fits in with how you want to feel (energised, confident and happy with your shape), your goals (weight loss, toning, fitness etc) and the happy, healthy lifestyle habits that you want to adopt.

Will I be a little stricter with my food choices for the next week or so?

Probably – that’s a small pay off for the relaxed approach when I was away.

So, if you want to enjoy your holidays this summer and be flexible in your whole nutrition and fitness approach – but still want amazing results that are guaranteed – then you may want to learn what works best for your body and jump on board with team Pro-Fit.

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Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training