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Ready to take your training to the next level or just need that extra push?

We offer TFPT (Total Fitness Personal Training) which is powered by our Personal Training partners Pro-Fit Personal Training and Evo-Fit Personal Training to provide our members with the highest quality of Personal Trainer to meet and exceed your needs.

Whether it’s weight loss, nutrition, fitness or rehab, these expert trainers will get you motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

Our Personal Trainers create bespoke training plans, designed specifically to meet your goals, factoring in your body type, lifestyle and any personal limitations you may have.

You will be guided through your workouts with your Personal Trainer by your side, making sure every ounce of energy exerted is being put to good use, whilst giving you the encouragement you need to keep going when you feel tired.

Not only will your Personal Trainer use their knowledge and experience to tailor an exercise plan for you, they can also advise you on what, when and how much to eat, aligning both your exercise and diet to propel you towards your goals.

Once you decide to get a personal trainer, whether that's a one off to get you started or a block booking, you will be given the chance to hand pick your Personal Trainer, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident you are with the right person to make your goals a reality. 

Ask in club today to arrange the first step to a new you.

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See if Personal Training is right for you

Get started with a two-week trial from Pro-Fit Personal Training for just £28... that's four sessions for just £7 each!

We want to show you that even if you're busy and struggle for time, you can still get amazing results, get in great shape and get the body you want without spending hours in the gym.

Ask a member of the Pro-Fit team in club or click below to get started. 

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Maybe Team Training is a better option for you?

Train with other like-minded people and join the thousands of others who have changed their bodies with Pro-Fit Team Training.

From just £5 per session, the Pro-Fit Team Training Programme is well-known for helping many people change their bodies and their lives as a group, rather than one-to-one. 

Ask a member of the Pro-Fit team in club or click below to set up a free 7-day trial. 

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